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The XL HANDY MARKER is a hand-operated machine that can be used to mark or code on corrugated cartons, plywood, wooden crates, paper bags, cement / asbestos sheets, leather cloth or any substrate that absorb ink.
A non-porous variant can also be used to mark on non-absorbent substrates such as metal and plastic drums, HDPE woven sacks etc.

The Handy Marker can effectively mark on an area 85 mm in width and 300 mm in length.
The Handy Marker is used to mark Batch No, Product Name, Date of Manufacture, Date of Expiry, Gross Weight, Net Weight, Destinations, Shipping Mark, Handling Instructions, Statutory Markings or any other information, as desired.
The Handy Marker has been desinged to ensure that whilst it remains light weight it is sturdy enough to last continuos & prolonged use.
The ink roller is especially formulated to release a uniform quantiry of ink for each impression. This is done through a proprietory process that controls pore size leading to smudge-free, print like impressions.

The ink roller is easy to mount as shown here.
The ink roller comes with an adjustable eccentric washer that helps ensure uniform contact between the roller and types leading to even inking.
Inks are specifically formulated to be of very fine particle size so that pores of the ink rolller do not get blocked. They also satisfy the contrasting demands of drying very slowly on the ink roller but rapidly on the surface to be marked.
A message can be composed and marked within minutes. It needs only a few minutes of training for an unskilled worker to learn how to use the machine. There is therefore no need to maintain an inventory of stencils or pre-printed labels for your shippers.
The Handy Marker is equipped with a tension spring that retuns the marker to its zero position after every stroke. In doing so the types get inked as they pass below the ink roller and it is ready for use again.
The inking roller can be easily recharged by immersing it in an ink container for 2/3 hours and then squeezing out any excess surface ink or by pouring a few drops of ink on the roller as shown above.
We provide you with a set of individual alpha-numeric tyeps that can be used to compose almost any information you want ot mark.
Rubber types are precision moulded to ensure accuracy in both groove profile and height of the types.This ensures that each type can be inter locked with the grooves on th handy marker so that it fits securely. Accuracy in the height of types ensures uniform inking which gives print like markings.
Type sets are available in sizes of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 14 mm, 25 mm and 39 mm. Composing messages of your choice is easy and is illustrated hear.

For over a decade now we have been servicing the Marking & Coding requirements of a plethora of Companies - from small proprietory concerns to MNC’S.
Applications have been varied - tiny product packs to high volume shippers. Through it all our guding motto has been "ever efficient, ever reliable service."



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