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Bandall bands and bundles all
The specialist in banding and banding systems
Bandall is the specialist in banding and banding systems. We have been producing banding equipment for more than twenty years and are represented worldwide by a network of carefully selected, qualified distributors.
What is banding?
Banding is a packaging technique which is being adopted worldwide in a wide range of industries. Products bundled and banded using Bandall equipment are banded damage free with a paper or film band. Also, as an effective labelling option, the band can be printed to display graphic advertising and information – this is proving particularly popular in the Food Industry. Almost any product can be enhanced with a band to improve brand recognition and increase selection from the shelf.


COM Benelux, was founded in 1987, with the introduction of the banding machine, the COM-J240, and its banding material. In 1994 the Bandall series was introduced, a new, Dutch quality innovation, offering many improvements to what was available in the marketplace. During this year the first Bandall machines were exported beyond the Benelux under the name of Band’ALL International.
In 1998, an international patent was granted for our unique vacuum in-feed system. To complement our international growth the product range was also expanded to include specialist equipment and fully automatic lines, and more.
In 2008, now exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide, COM-Benelux and Band’ALL International became collectively known under the name Bandall, proudly carrying the flag of the now internationally acclaimed Bandall banding concept, and still setting “The Standard in Banding”.

Banding equipment
Adapted to your specific product or situation
Bandall equipment will bundle virtually any product however demanding the production environment. The flexibility offered by the Bandall, with a variety of band widths and arch dimensions, enables adjustment to suit your product and production requirements.
Consistently excellent performance is offered both by the manually operated models and the fully automated and integrated installations. Of course, the complete range of banding materials is also available at Bandall.
Vacuum in-feed system: reliable and fast
We feel the Bandall patented in-feed system deserves a special mention. This unique piece of technology ensures an impressively fast rate of banding, with the added advantage of processing extremely fine film or paper banding. This reduces material requirements which in turn saves on costs and waste – a positive contribution towards the environment and your bottom line.

Table-Top Banding
Significantly faster than bundling by hand
To complement the Bandall stand alone equipment we also offer table-top banding models: the OB301N and COM-J240. In comparison to banding bundles by hand, these models very quickly earn back the nominal investment required.
Conveniently mobile and simple operation
The table-top banding models are easy to include in your production process and simple to move around. Operation is very straightforward, your products are given a professional finish in seconds, all at a low cost. The table-top models offer a band width of 20 or 30mm, paper or film, and an adjustable band tension. Bundles from the size of a business card to A3 can be banded.


The Free Standing Bandall
High capacity, user friendly, low maintenance
Bandall equipment will band virtually anything! The unique in-feed system ensures a fast and reliable processing of the banding material. The advantages are numerous: a very high production capacity; user friendly operation; very low and clean maintenance. Also, a clean banding process is guaranteed by virtue of the UCS (Ultra Clean Sealing) system installed in all Bandall models. Additionally, the Bandall is designed to work with very fine film or paper banding, considerably reducing material requirements, saving in costs at the same time as contributing to a cleaner environment.
Variety in arch dimensions and material widths
The Bandall is available with very wide ranging arch sizes to accommodate all sizes of products and groups of products. There are 4 standard band widths available: 28mm, 48mm, 75mm and 100mm. An external reel holder can be added enabling installation of a thermo-transfer printer to print directly onto the band, for example, a bar code, series number, date, etc. Our Sales Advisors will be pleased to offer you information and support.


Bandall fully automated banding equipment
Integration into your production process
The fully automatic Bandall equipment, available in the TRL (linear) and TRC (corner) formats, is based on the standard Bandall model and performs outstandingly in high production situations. The modular band in-feed technology can be seamlessly integrated into your production line to ensure continuity in production while automatically banding your products.   Bandall developed this solution in response to the current demand for reducing costs by combining production processes.
Applicable to virtually any product
Fully automatic Bandall equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications and production environments. The Bandall plays an important part in the finishing process in the Graphics Industry, where it is installed alongside the folding and cutting machines. Also, in the Pharmaceutical Industry in particular, blister and cardboard packaging machines are often used in combination with the Bandall. In the Food Industry the fully automated Bandall is often installed following top-seal and lidding machinery.


Bandall Specials
To suit your specific requirements
Based on the Bandall standard models, our custom-made “specials” are designed to fully integrate with your existing production line and fully automatically band your products. Many of these custom-made installations are built in our own factory. However, where required we have recognised partners, such as Factory Control, a specialist in company automation, who are experienced in customising the Bandall.
The best solution is guaranteed
We have the expertise at hand to guarantee the best possible banding results will be achieved by using Bandall banding equipment in conjunction with specialised engineering and technology. From design to installation and after sales support you can count on professional and quality service.


Bandall OEM
Clean, reliable and rapid banding
A flexible modular Bandall banding unit has been developed for use within high demand packaging lines. The unique Bandall vacuum in-feed system along with the UCS (Ultra Clean Seal) system guarantee a clean, reliable and rapid banding process. This modular OEM unit is increasingly being installed as part of complete packaging installations.
Added value to your packaging line
A compact solution, offering the highest possible capacity, the Bandall OEM unit will be an invaluable addition to your packaging installation. The Bandall OEM unit is easily integrated and fully adaptable to your specific requirements, including communication and information exchange between the Bandall and other systems. As with all Bandall equipment, the modular OEM unit is fully supported by a worldwide service network. 

Banding materials

Full range of banding materials, printed and unprinted
Bandall offers the full range of printed and unprinted banding materials in various qualities of film and paper. All materials are available in all widths for use on the Bandall banding equipment. Even the thinnest of films, as little as 35 micron, presents no problems for the Bandall, allowing significant cost savings while contributing considerably to waste reduction and a cleaner environment. All materials meet the strictest of quality demands and are supplied in rolls of up to 2000 meters.
Effective method of communication
Unprinted materials are generally used for separating and bundling. The amazing possibilities with printed materials mean that banding as an alternative to labels and sleeves is often a preferred method of communication. Worldwide Bandall has by far the most experience in the field of printed banding materials. Professional advice is available from idea conception to completion of the finished product.
Delivery conditions, high quality materials
Our banding materials are guaranteed to meet the highest possible standards of quality and delivery. We are able to achieve this because of our purchasing and selling activities worldwide, having an overview of the entire process including cutting of the rolls. Materials suitable for use on the Bandall can be purchased worldwide. However, because of our knowledge of the market we are able to offer the best qualities at favourable prices, as well as expert advice and support in the printing process.

Effective brand communication
Banding was originally introduced in response to the demands of the Graphics Industry. The infinite applications possible are becoming more and more evident and quickly banding has been adopted in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries for the bundling of loose products, such as blister packs. The Food Industry has discovered banding and this is taking off enormously. Banding is an effective and attractive carrier of information and brand design with lots of extra space available for communicating the increasingly required details about the product, such as ingredients and nutritional values.
Alternative to labels and sleeves

The flexibility and economy offered by Bandall banding is increasingly utilised in replacing traditional labels and sleeves, especially in the Private Label Industry.
Bandall banding offers new alternatives in Shelf Ready Packaging, significantly reducing material costs and simplifying packaging methods. 


Damage-free bundling
Bandall machines bundle as tightly as possible,
loose when necessary and always

Total concepts
From stand-alone solutions to fully automated
custom designs

In more than 80 countries with over 40
Banding together
Intensive partnership and optimum service

Higher probability of detection
Branding by Banding: higher visibility on the

Branding by Banding
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Our Markets

banding foods
As speed and hygiene play important roles in the food
industry Bandall has developed banding machines which
are specially designed for this sector.
more detail

banding graphics
With the same ease, Bandall banding equipment
bundles brochures, periodicals, business cards and
boxes. Swift, environmentally friendly and free from
 more detail

heath & beauty banding
Health & Beauty
Bandall banding is particularly suitable for damage-free and
hygienic bundling and sealing of medicines. Bundle ten
boxes of paracetamol or blister packs of tablets with a
paper or film strip in a flash.
more detail
Industry & Logistics banding
Industry & Logistics
Whether it’s rubber Wellington boots, tobacco
products, electronic components or wooden
products, Bandall’s banding technology can be
applied to it al. Not to mention textiles,
EPS-products or hardware.
more detail

Laundy and Textiles
Laundy and Textiles
Bundling and banding in the textile and laundry
more detail

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