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LINX Scribing Laser Coders

Linx scribing laser coders use two galvanometer-driven mirrors to move the laser beam over the surface of the product, rather like a pen. Produces superb print quality and graphics. Scribing Laser Coders are listed below:

Linx SL102
High performance, fully featured, 10W
scribing laser coder. Designed for simple
installation and operation.

Mid powered, 30W scribing laser coder. Designed for simple installation
and operation.

LINX SL501 high powered 50W scribing laser coderHigh powered 50W scribing laser coder for high quality coding at high speeds. P65 laser head and beam delivery system.

Technology Overview
CO2 laser coding technology is already being used to code and mark almost every kind of surface, from glass to plastic to coated metals, across every kind of industry and any production line.

Laser coding is one of the most reliable, versatile and cost-efficient marking methods available.
These qualities make the technology perfect for high volumes of printing, creating easy traceability on food, drink and pharmaceutical products.A concentrated beam of light is deflected by mirrors through a lens to form characters.
Laser marking and coding achieves the necessary effects by removing material or coating from the product or packaging. This permanently changes the surface of the substrate.

For example, when a laser coding painted card, the very top layers of paint are removed revealing the contrasting bare card underneath. The same process on plastic changes the very chemical nature of the material, either melting it to leave a mark or causing a color change. When coding on glass, the laser leaves micro cracks, scribing a permanent code without weakening the material.

Accuracy is guaranteed when laser coding, giving you 24/7 operation without the need for users to manually intervene, a Linx SL series laser coder especially bringing return on investment. From the low powered Linx SL101 to the high speed Linx SL501.

When you receive your new laser coder we will configure it to make sure it uses power cost-effectively and that the laser tube works efficiently, lengthening its lifespan. This means less downtime and maintenance, ensuring you reap all the benefits of lower costs for all your laser coding and marking needs.

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