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Snack Food

Product printed on
Metalized Polyester Film (Bag)

Which ink jet coder is being used?
Linx TT3 Thermal Overprinter

50 - 65 Pack/Min

Messages content
2 Lines

Number of new Linx units sold

Why we won
Lowest running per print

Customer comments
Low running cost of ownership

Key Product Benefits

Linx TT3
• Low running costs
• Minimum downtime-maximum reliabiltiy
• High quality print

Thermal Transfer Overprinter TT3

marked on Calbee

Calbee was established in 1949 at Hiroshima, Japan.
Its primary goal has been focusing on consumer needs. Calbee strives to produce quality food products which are highly nutritious, flavorful and affordable. Calbee’s extensive research and development facilities are constantly searching the world over for sources of new and unique raw materials from the land and sea to produce healthful and nutritious food products, without sacrificing flavor.

Calbee’s company name is based on “Cal” from calcium and “bee” from vitamin B1.The company name thus implies Calbee’s dedicated intention. Calbee wanted to contribute to promote good health through delicious products made using the blessings of nature. In Asia countries, their foods and nutrition conditions are on developing stages, Calbee wants to support change the dietary life of Asian people, from just eating to enjoying life. Based on Calbee’s wish to contribute to this change, as an enterprise in the foods industry.

Why we won?
The intelligent design allows more prints per ribbon, reducing the cost of consumables. A touch screen interface and full onboard diagnostics makes the Linx TT3 simple to operate. The user interface allows users to preview messages before coding, reducing
coding errors.

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