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Linx insight

Linx Insight®
for Linx 7900 CIJ printer

Linx Insight is a built-in printer control software/remote web interface for message download and control. Linx Insight enables users to remotely monitor and control their Linx 7900 CIJ printers through a web browser, either via a PC or web enabled phone (‘smart phone’), allowing you to perform simple day to day printer operations more efficiently. This facility can not only improve the productivity of your line but also lower costs by reducing the risk of coding errors. It has a multitude of uses, from remotely monitoring printer status or consulting the error log for reasons on printer downtime, to operating the printer remotely e.g. start/stop printer or change messages.

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Linx Insight enables you to control multiple
Linx 7900 printers, using a built in ethernet connector. Each printer has its own web page, which enables you to:
• Monitor the current printer status, jet state, ink and solvent levels
• View when a maintenance service is due
• View the current message and list of messages on the printer
• Start, stop and pause printing
• Select a message for printing
• Upload messages from the printer for storing on the PC
• Download messages from the PC to the printer
• Delete messages on the printer
• Monitor the printer’s error log, both current and history
• Lock the keyboard on the printer – this prevents 2 operators making simultaneous changes to the printer settings. Only 1 person at a time can log in

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