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  hsajet MiniKey MKHP4

Coding & Marking made simple and fast.
A compact printer with integrated printheads,
ideal for integration in packaging lines.

MiniKey MKHP4

MiniKey printer
based upon HP TIJ 2.5 technology

The HSAJET® MiniKey is based upon reliable HP TIJ2.5 technology which offers consistent, high quality, fast printing. The printer’s user-interface is so easy to use, that it requires very little or no training. The MiniKey is a very low-cost printer, yet powerful with all necessary functions available.
  Advanced administrator options in software
A flexible user level management can guarantee that correct data is printed. You are also able to grant user rights as desired and protect by a unique password. In addition content may be filled by a user prompt whichoptionally must be validated by a different user for guaranteed accuracy.The controller is preloaded with different menulanguages, as well as localized month- and day names.

An ’All-In-One’ printer
The MiniKey is an ’out of the box’ unit. Place an inkcartridge in the head, connect to power and print instantly by pushing a button. New layouts are easily made straight from the keyboard or loaded from USB key or via LAN or RS232 connection.

The basic unit comes with a ½” printhead with built-in product sensor. The MiniKey can control up to 2" print height.
  Print at breakthrough speeds of up to
300 m/min (984 ft/min) in 300 x 150 dpi
• graphics                 • Text (alphanumerical)
• Counters                • shift codes
• Date & time (real - time & adjusted )
• LInear Barcodes (variable )*
• any Windows OTT Font

* For information on specific barcodes please go to w

Trouble free user interface
A 320x240 pixel graphical colour display showing intuitive icons ensures a clear understanding when choosing functions from the keyboard.

Choose from ½” - 2” printheight
The HSAJET® MiniKey is available with an integrated 1 or 2-pen printhead mounted on the side of the unit. Instead – or if additional print height is required – the MiniKey can be delivered with remote printheads of 1 or 2 pens.

Having two printheads enables double-sided printing.

download MiniKey   

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