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Food & Beverages

Product printed on
Tetra-Brick of natural coconut water

Which ink jet coder is being used?
Linx CJ4900 Inkjet Printer with Linx Thermochromic black to blue ink 1290


100 Tetra Bricks/minute

Messages content
2 Line alpha-numberic code

Number of new Linx units sold

Why we won
• Superior reliability

Customer comments
• User frindly printer.
• Extremely reliable.
• We do not need to prepare printer for printing before we start our production.

Key Product Benefits

Linx 4900
• The Linx solution gave us the flexibility to print any product on any line at any time

LINX 4900 CIJ ink jet printer

UFC fruit juice with Tetra Pak

UFC, known as UNIVERSAL FOOD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED is a processor and packer of canned fruits, canned vegetables and fruit juice. Universal Food Public Company Limited was founded in October 1969 with initial registered capital of 15 million Baht. The company recognizes Thailand as a key producer for a wide range of agricultural products for the world market. It is with this conviction, Universal Food Public Company Limited made its decision to invest its business in fruits and vegetables development and thus helped to create a much-needed employment in the rural community. 

Universal Food Public Company Limited took a step further by investing and distribution of frozen fruits and vegetables for both domestic and international markets.

Why we won?
Linx printer demonstrated a clean start even in case of abrubt & incomplete shut down without any need to clean the printhead that was beyond capacity of the existing printer from competition.

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