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hsajet Mail Table HS 1000 / HS 1500
Multipurpose mail tables
fo in- and off- line applications

Mail Table for feeder system

Powerful, reliable and precise mail tables
The HSA multipurpose mail table ensures a precise
and reliable transport of envelopes, magazines, paper,
cardboard and other stock.
  Vacuum system
The mail table is equipped with 5 vacuum sections each
individually controlled. The divided vacuum system
makes it possible to feed stock of all shapes and sizes,
including very long pieces that remain unfixed until the
alignment is correct.
Further it is possible to lower the vacuum directly under a print head to avoid air turbulence, this also increases the de-cap time for the cartridge.
All mail tables are delivered with a built-in 9000 pulses
encoder providing a good resolution for equipment such
as inkjet printers.

In-line or off-line use
The mail tables can be used in-line as well as offline.
A feeder extension table provides space to add a
feeder of your choice at the beginning of the unit. The
standard extension table is designed to accommodate
Streamfeeder models up to A3 size.
  Fixed or variable speed
A programmable inverter controls three speed settings.
Two settings are for a pre-defined fixed speed and one
for a variable speed. The belt direction is reversed by the turn of a button.

The tables are shipped with a speed limitation to 150
m/min (492 ft/min), but can be re-programmed on the
inverter to do up to a maximum of 275 m/min (900 ft/

Key features:
• One variable speed up to 250 m/min and two fixed speeds 35 and 70m/min. Changable on inverter
• Five vacuum sections (Three in HS 1000)
• For off-line or in-line printing jobs
• Equipped with 9000 pulses encoder
• Powerful drive with programmable inverter
• 5 belts for accommodating both narrow and wide stock
• Can be delivered with heat resistant belts
• Mouting rails along both edges
• Adjustable height
• Adjustable feet proved greater stability during production
• Retractable feet and built in castors enable ease of movement and positioning of table

• Easy attachable in-feed table with support
• Adjustable mount for monitor/controller, keyboard and mouse
• Bridges for printheads, camera and accessories
• Sensor mounts
• Exit catch tray
• Topaccessories such as sideguides, bounce rollers, hold down-straps
  Technical Data:
Power: 230 VAC / 50Hz or 115 VAC / 60Hz
Motor: 2800 Min-1, 0,37 kW
Gear: i=7, n1=400min-1, M=7Nm
Inverter: 230V / 0,25kW or 115V / 0,25kW
Safety: E mergency stop (optional ext. stop)
Coatings: Frame: Powder
Top base plate: Anodised

Environmental conditions:
Operating temperature: 10 - 50º C
Humidity (%): 10 - 90 non-condensing
IP rating: 54
CE compliant
Warranty 1 year
Spare part service: Available for min. 5 years

HS 1000
Working area: 495 x 1010 mm
Outer dim (WxLxH): 710 x 1015 x 925 mm
Height adjust: 895 - 995 mm
Weight: approx. 100 kg

HS 1500
Working area: 495 x 1510 mm
Outer dim (WxLxH): 710 x 1515 x 925 mm
Height adjust: 895 - 995 mm
Weight: approx. 125 kg

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