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success story by LINX CIJ
79 days from Installation.
Printhead did not require cleaning till date.
Clock is Ticking & raising the bar of manual cleaning interval every day.

Highly efficient Coding Solutions for Canning Industry.
Linx Inkjet Printer Model 4900 is used for printing 2 Line alpha-numeric code on Tetra-Brick with a throughput speed of 100 Tetra Bricks/minute.

UFC, known as UNIVERSAL FOOD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED is a processor and packer of canned fruits, canned vegetables and fruit juice. The company recognizes Thailand as a key producer for a wide range of agricultural products for the world market. It is with this conviction; Universal Food Public Company Limited took a step further by investing and distribution of frozen fruits and vegetables for both domestic and international markets.
Such extraordinary growth comes at a price. Maintaining high efficiency of Canning production lines and flexibility to keep track with varying product designs and packaging Machines/materials are a must to keep up with the growing demand for quality from consumers.

Line efficiency
Printers are just a small piece of equipment in a large Canning lines but can become a bottleneck when something goes wrong – and stopping the line for cleaning or maintenance of the printer is the last thing you want when trying to optimize your production line efficiency.
So, printer uptime and long print runs without cleaning and maintenance have been a key objective in the development of our latest generation of products. Linx small character ink jet printers come with automatic printhead cleaning system that is very advanced & designed to drastically reducing cleaning intervals. User friendly operating system, zero startup time and changeover procedures lead to predictable maintenance intervals and ultimately to higher production line efficiency. 

Customer comments
Finding a printer to match the high standards & high efficiency of Tetra-pack machine was our toughest task but PT Asia application team with Linx 4900 shown over 2 months same efficiency.

++ Kudos to PT Asia Team

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