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typeical bottling application

Bottling Line for Link ink jet printer

• Bottles travel at high speeds and very close together. A product sensor is normally above the product with a short print delay.
- Metal bottle caps can be detected with a Linx inductive sensor FA61100
- or with a Linx Photo-Reflective Sensor FA61105.
• Sensors are not included in the kit but are available from Linx.
• The Linx air knife kit supplied is reversible, depending on the direction of bottle presentation to the printhead.
The air curtain must always be upstream of the printhead
so that bottles are always dried before printing.
The Linx air knife requires an 8mm diameter flexible
tube factory air supply, regulated to 4 bar (58psi).
See product bulletin PB0662 for details.

• Lines are highly automated. It is critical to ensure the Linx Bottle Coder will integate into the production line. Clarify this before you install a trial.
• You can suggest that the customer orders some additional Linx accessories (not included in the kit) to support both visual and electronic signals.
- For line stoppage alerts install a Linx 24V Alarm Beacon (FA64006)
- Convert the Linx 4900BC to give a volt-free signal to the production line controller using kit FA71080
- Convert the Linx 4900BC to offer both Alarm Beacon and volt-free signal using Linx standard dual alarm kit (please enquire)
- Convert the Linx 7300BC to provide both Alarm Beacon and volt-free signal using kit FA67075 (requires a config code, please enquire).
• Conveyors are stainless steel clad, with a parallel sided
The conveyor belts are chains made up on discrete plastic
slats. These can move and jump around. They are lubricated
to varying levels to help bottles move on them.
We advise that you do not try to measure line speed with
an encoder wheel on the belt.
We advise a Linx 5000 ppr encoder (FA61112) directly
mounted onto the drive or rollers of the conveyor.
(Not included in the kit, available from Linx)
Clarify encoder mounting with the customer and prepare
before going to site to install a trial printer.

Bottling Line for LINX CIJ

  Four Key questions

What impact does your CIJ coder have when it stops your line?
• What does this cost?

What problems arise when you do not have consistently good print quality from your coder?
• How are you affected by product changes?
• Does the ink always stick?
• Does it resist condensation?

Are you compromising where / how you print your products?
• Is the customer printing onto caps and labels?
• Is the existing printer installed in dry process areas?
• Woud the customer prefer to print directly onto the wet bottle?

Do you refill your bottles?
• What happens if the code is not removed?


Thinking along your line

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