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Environment policy

Linx Environmental Policy Statement

Linx encourages respect for the environment and the adoption of an environmentally responsible attitude in the fulfilment of business objectives related to the manufacture of coding and marking equipment and printing inks.

Scope: This policy applies to all sites and processes maintained by Linx Printing Technologies at St Ives, Cambridgeshire.
The pursuit of this policy will require the business to focus attention upon the following key principles:

1.Compliance with all relevant legislation.
2.Commitment to prevention of pollution and improvement in environmental performance.
3.The promotion of awareness amongst employees of the importance of environmental issues.
4.Provision of the information necessary to enable the Company’s products to be properly used, hand stored and disposed of so as to avoid unacceptable environmental effects.
5.Provision of the necessary information to enable employees to operate the Company’s business processes efficiently and in an appropriate environmental manner.
6.Assessment of the environmental impact of new capital projects as part of the approval process.
7.Establishment and periodic review of the Company environmental objectives for which realistic targets can be set.
8.Communication with employees and interested parties on the requirements of this policy, a copy of which is available to all on request.

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