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General Inks

Black Sapphire IQ648
  General Ink IQ9493 solvent base

IQ648 General Black Sapphire Ink
Printable on Non-Porous Substrates

The IQ648 Black Sapphire ink makes it possible to print on a variety of different substrates:
• Aqueous coatings
• Blister Foil
• Clay coats
• Oriented nylon
• Polypropylenes
• UV coats
• Varnished
  IQ9493 General Black Heatless Ink II
Printing on a wider range of materials

IQ9493 Heatless Ink II can print on semi-porous substrates as well as non-porous materials e.g.:
• Aqueous acrylic resin coatings
• Blister Foil
• Clay-coated materials
• Oriented Nylon
• Polyester
• Varnish Overcoats

The fast drying properties of Black Sapphire Ink make no-dryer printing a reality

Due to the fast drying properties of the ink, you can print without a heater! Now you can even print on coated substrates with a smaller industrial desktop HP printer with no dryer setup.

  No need for a heater to dry the ink
Because this is a quick-drying ink, a heater is not required, and it is now possible to print on non-porous materials even with small printers unable to be fitted with heaters.

  Excellent light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance
Improved light-fastness, water resistance and heat
resistance. Now it is possible to print on previously
unprintable materials.


Item # / Name
IQ648   Black Sapphire Ink Cartridge
IQ9493 Black Heatless Ink II Cartridge

Cartridge type
HP 45A

Ink type

Average delivered ink
Printing Parameters
Voltage: 7.0V / Pulse width: 2.2 µs
Voltage: 8.0V / Pulse width: 1.6 µs
Voltage: 9.0V / Pulse width: 1.2 µs

Max. running speed
at 300x150 dpi: max. 240m/min
at 300x300 dpi: max. 120m/min
at 300x600 dpi: max. 60 m/min
  Shelf life
One year from fill date

Heater Requirements
Air dry. No dryer necessary

Storage conditions
15oC (59F) ~35oC (95F)
Store in room temperature

Head cleaning
Clean with a dry tech wipe
Do not clean with water.

Maximum Frequency
12 KHz

Shipping Info
UN1210 Class 3 Flammable

Pulse warming
On, 40oC

Ink handling and Maintenance

This product uses light-fast and water-resistant dyes,
but it is not recommended that printed substrates are exposed to
direct sunlight for long periods of time or immersed in water.

Because this product is dye-based,
it is not resistance to very high temperatures (Discoloring may
occur when substrate is exposed to temperatures over 80°C).
  Because the print quality varies
depending on the application and environment, it is recommended that you test on print samples first.
If clogging of nozzles occurs, please clean printhead with a clean, dry tech wipe (Please do not wipe with

This product contains
alcohol-based solvents, so please use in a well ventilated area.

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