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ClariNET software

Package Coding Network Control Software

Linx CLARiNET® is a network setup and control software for managing multiple coders in a factory environment. With an increasing demand for more information to be printed onto primary and secondary packaging, the potential for human error will increase, resulting in a need for error-free coding.
  Network Control
• Messages created on Linx CLARiSOFT® can be downloaded remotely to multiple printers which means increased efficiency of the coding process
• Enables control from a central location or allows a coder to set up other printers on

Error-Free Coding
• Remote job selection allows for accurate on-pack coding,
eliminating operator errors 
• Optional bar code driven setup using wired or wireless
bar code readers (SCANPOINT) confirms correct pre-printed packaging
• Enabling fixed position bar code validation scanners provides for control and code validation eliminating coding errors
  Ease of Use
• Clarinet uses open database connectivity (ODBC) to access factory data avoiding duplication of data and saves time
• Can operate as an independent system or can integrate with existing factory networks offering flexibility and future proofing

Standard Features
• Network control for multiple coders, labelers and scanners
• Performance and status information
• Near WYSIWYG print preview
• Intuitive easy-to-use Windows® interface
• Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2003
• Configurable and multi-level password control
  Network Support
• RS232 / RS 422 serial communications
• TCP/IP (Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet)

Job Selection
Intuitive and configurable interface permits Job Selection
(equipment set up) for individual devices or groups of equipment.
•  “Push” information from CLARiNET PC
•  “Pull” information from Clarity-enabled coder (e.g. Linx IJ350)
•  Barcode Job Selection from SCANPOINT module
    – Job select using unique Job barcode
    – Job select using product POS barcode
    – Optional bar code controlled user access
    – Optional packaging validation
    – User prompted variable data if required
  Field Types (available through CLARiSOFT)
• Text (Fixed, Prompted or Database)
• Text block (Fixed, Prompted or Database)
• Real-Time
• Date (Fixed, Prompted, Calculated or Database)
• Counter (alpha, numeric or alpha-numeric)
• Merged fields
• Barcode (linear, stacked or 2D)
• Logo (graphic import)
• Drawing (shape drawing, line or filled)
• Automatic User ID, Line ID or Equipment ID

Database Connectivity
Integral open-database-connectivity (ODBC) connection to SQL, Access, Excel and generic databases to allow connection to SCADA, MES, ERP and other enterprise IT systems.
  Data Logging
ASCII log files of:
• Production log (job reference, start, stop, line, quantity etc.)
• Production data (product data. e.g. Lot No. Date etc.)
• Status events (e.g. status change from warning to fault)
• Job Selection events
• Time-based logging of efficiency and speed information

Printer Connectivity
Comprehensive driver support for Linx thermal transfer printers, continuous ink jet printers and high resolution large character printers.
CLARiSOFT is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai and Traditional Chinese.

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  Minimum System Requirements
Windows operating system (2000, XP, Vista, 7 or Server 2003). Pentium 3 500MHz. 256MB RAM, 300 MB disk space. 1024x768 16 bit colour display. Mouse. CD-ROM. USB port.


The specific capabilities in respect of field types, fonts and character sets will depend on the specific model of printer. We also advise that you contact your local Linx sales representative or distributor to ensure that the appropriate printer firmware can support connection with CLARiSOFT and CLARiNET software. An upgrade may be required.

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