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High Density Ink HD119
HD119 is a hybrid ink formulated to produce beautiful high density print even at low resolution settings on porous and semi porous substrates, such as craft paper, corrugated paper, clay coated paper, wood and more. The HD119 is practical and energy efficient.
Heatless Ink II IQ9493
Heatless Ink II IQ9493 can print on non-porous materials without the use of a heater. General’s new ink is ideal for printing on packaging!


Hybrid density ink

High density ink
  High density ink HD119

45A Ink Table

High density ink formulated to print high resolution barcodes.

Prints on porous and semi-porous materials, and is highly waterproof and light-fast
 Being highly waterproof and able to print on a wider range of porous and semi-porous materials (craft paper, corrugated paper, clay-coated paper, wood etc.), it is now possible to print on any number of materials with a single ink.

Long de-cap time

De-cap time of 1 hour or more under normal conditions*.
Significantly improved ease of maintenance.
* May vary depending on usage conditions.

Highly reliable "Genuine" HP-manufactured cartridge
Under a license from Hewlett Packard Specialty Printing Systems, this ink is filled into genuine, original HP manufactured cartridges.

Compatible Substrates
Ink Handling and Maintenance
・This product is used dye which has water resistance to certain extent, but it is not recommended to place the substrate printed with this ink in a water environment.
・If clogging nozzles occurs, please clean printhead soft cloth with DI water.
(Please do not use cloth is not weaved.)
・Whenever the cartridge needs maintenance, please down the direction of printhead and wipe gently and lightly along the direction of the nozzle.
・Please sufficiently to test sample because the print quality depends on use or environment.

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