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Packaging Applications - Voice of Enercon Customers

Enercon induction sealers have sealed billions of containers across the globe. Chances are when you pick up a container off the shelf, it has been sealed by an Enercon induction sealer. Packagers choose Enercon induction sealers because of advanced technology, reliability, ease of use, and superior customer service and support. Don’t take our word for it, below our customers share their experiences with Enercon’s Super Seal™ products.

ACH Food Co., Ltd.
  Food Packager’s exclusive choice: Enercon
Super Seal Max™

“We use Enercon exclusively for induction sealing at the plant. That was made official when six other lines at the plant were converted over to Enercon sealers in 2008.We’ve had a good relationship with Enercon, and they’ve done a great job of supporting our units.” 
Tony Bolletta 
Engineering Manager
ACH Food

 Enercon Floratine
  FloratineVented Liner & Sealer Ensures Integrity 
Super Seal™
“We rely only on premium packaging equipment for our premium product. You can’t put a price tag on dependability. Customer complaints are nearly eliminated, 99% of our problems were solved with the induction sealer. It was a godsend.”
Darryl King
Director of Operations

Enercon Life Force
Leak Prevention for Nutraceutical Packager
Super Seal™
“Enercon has tremendous confidence in its products. So we tried it and, sure enough, the Super Seal™ did a super job."
Charles Bates
Plant Manager
Life Force

  Top Rated Cap Sealer Impresses
Super Seal Jr.™
“The Super Seal™ Jr. has been a smashing success for Makes Scents.We just set it up and it does what it’s supposed to.Cutting corners on an induction sealer just didn’t make smart business sense.”
Joanne Klauber
Make Scents

   Oil Company Goes Green with Enercon Induction Sealers
 Super Seal™

"Our 2008-2009 initiative was to go green; one of the first places we started was by replacing our Enercon water-cooled induction sealers with Enercon air cooled systems. We eliminated an assortment of maintenance issues with water-cooled, now with the air cooled systems downtime is virtually nonexistent."

Steve Sampson
Vice President of Operations

 Enercon MGK
  Induction Sealer Solves Pesticide Leakage Problem
Super Seal™

“The sealer is easy to operate and adjust. The new sealer has increased efficiency and eliminated issues with seal quality. Enercon is extremely easy to work with and very responsive.”
Grant Getty
Production Manager

 Renfro Foods
  Cap Sealing Machine Increases Production Efficiency
Super Seal™
"With the Compak Jr.™, we could seal five units or gallons per minute. The Super Seal™ can seal nine containers per minute. Improving our line speeds and saving in labor costs. Enercon sealers are production workhorses.”
Doug Renfro
Renfro Foods

  Sealer Extends Beverage Shelf-Life
Super Seal™

"The Super Seal™ Max has different sealing heads available, which has allowed us to increase flexibility and the number of customers we can serve. Extended shelf life helped to our distributors and retailers stock more inventory."
Tim Ray
Plant Manage

 Prescription Solutions
  RFID-Friendly Cap Sealing for Pharmaceuticals
Super Seal™ Deluxe

“Since installing an Enercon induction sealer in our results have been fantastic...economic savings, improved safety, and increased patient satisfaction. Induction sealing also reduces general loss in that we don’t have to replace product that’s been damaged or spilled.”
Dave Booher
Pharmacy Manager
Prescription Solutions

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