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Household Cleaners

Product apply on
Packaged for Hygiene Fabric Softener

Which label applicator is being used?
Collamat 6600

Labelling Speed
80 pack/min

Label Size
50mm x 50mm

Number of new Collamat units sold

Why we won
• Machine is easy integration in the production line.
• Label position adjustment independent of the set speed give easy handling for the opertor.

• New application

Key Product Benefits

Collamat 6600
• Automated speed adaptation
• Easy adaptation
• Datahold function
Collamat 6600 label applicator

Hygiene Fabric Softener

In 1972, Mr. Uthai Thanesvorakul founded Inter Products Marketing Limited with a humble staff number of just three production staff and one sales representative. In the same year, we launched our first product, Vixol Toilet Cleaner. Following its success were other household products such as floor wax, air fresheners and wax removers. We were the first company in Thailand and Southeast Asia to create such products using our very own formula. Since its opening the production facility has had to relocate 5 times to accommodate the ever growing expansion. 1977 our Sales and Production departments into two distinct companies, I.P. Sales Limited and I.P. Chemical Limited located in Romkhlao, Minburi. During this time, I.P. Chemical Limited successfully launched more household products. Product Category:
Food and Beverage - IVY
Personal Care - Focus and Dance
Household Cleaners - Hygiene
Laundry Products - Vixol and Whiz

Why we won?
The Collamat® 6600 can be equipped to meet nearly all tasks. The stepper motor drive allows speeds up to 30 m/min (98 ft/min). Parameter setting with predispensing and label position adjustment independent of the set speed give easy handling for the operator. The great quality, high durable performance, and usefulness for most tasks give an optimal price value relation. As any Collamat® product the design is modular for easy integration in the production line, and so is the adapter system for easy adaptation to various products.

collamat - swiss modular labeller

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