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Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Carton forming machines
MCTN 2000   Intermittent Horizontal Cartonging Machine

Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine
All main movements are individually actated by d.c. motor and controlled by a programmable microprocessor, in order to optimize all the work cycle phases in accordance to the type of carton or product to be putted in.
• Modular conveyor for transportation and closing of cartons
• Adjustable or fixed magazine and device for cartons forming
• Adjustable flight conveyor or fixed size busckets conveyor
• Products are transfered from flighted conveyor into the cartons troughout a push-bar

Techncal Details
up to 50 boxes/min
Electronic platform
Allen Bradley®
Product width
min. 40 mm - max 200 mm
Product length
min. 90 mm - max 300 mm
Product height
min. 20 mm - max 70 mm
Installed power
14 kW - Voltage 400 V - 3ph + PE
Compressed air
6 bar
Air consumption
100 lt./min
forming machine
Carton foming

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