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Product printed on
Inner Box and Medicine Package

Which ink jet coder is being used?
Linx CJ400 using Linx T521 Black Ink


Approx 70 - 80 Pack/min

Messages content
Mfg. Date & Exp. Date and Lot No

Number of new Linx units sold

Why we won
• 3 months without cleaning the printhead
• The ultra-portable & lightweight.
• 4 Production line settings memory.
• 1000 Message memory.

Key Product Benefits

Linx CJ400
• Simple to own - serviced by the customer, no printhead cleaning for 3 months
• The most portable CIJ printer - only 13.5 kg
• Easy to use - colour touch screen and simple user interface fo quick message set-up
Linx CJ400 Printer

Hero Michine Pharmaceutical

Heromycin Pharma Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years.  Heromycin Pharma manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products. Internal dedicine such as Heroanson (Drgu tpeworm hero - Anson). Category of registration is Human drug produciton in the country (the current plan), Location is 537/2 M. - Benjamit Sathupradit T. Chong, A. Nawa, Bangkok 10120. 02-2940048-50.

Unique Solution
When PT Asia team entered, they were able to solve this problem with their innovative product handling and eliminated the costly manpower required for product orientation. PT Asia limited not only delivered a coding solution but also manufactured a highly customized conveying mechanism suitable for very light weight medicine package. Linx CJ400 Printer & T521 Black packaging ink that is used for the application has been developed especially developed for small and medium scale companies to code their products. Linx CJ400 can be moved up to 3 different lines without any need to make any adjustment & with 1000+ message storage ability it is very easy for smaller companies like ours eliminating the need for dedicated printers on every line.

Customer opinion
Linx CJ400 printer required 3 month interval between printhead cleaning is highly impressive & was an important factor in our decision making process. The other benefits that we received are:
• User Friendliness
• Low Total Cost of Ownership
• Maintenance Free


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