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Drinking Water

Product printed on
PET Plastic Bottle

Which CIJ Inkjet Printer is being used?
Linx 7300 CIJ Inkjet Printer

160 pcs/min

Messages content
2 lines of text

Number of new Linx units sold

Why we won
• Lowest running costs and Easy to set up and operate

Customer comments
• Error-fee coding is good for them

Key Product Benefits

• Lowest running costs and no hidden costs - save money with every print
• Minimum downtime - maximum reliability
• Error-free coding
• Future-proof features and flexibility
• 3 ines of text, graphics and logos as standard

Mont Fleur 100% Natural Mineral Water, certified by CARSO-Laboratoire Santé Environnement Hygiène de Lyon, France. Mont Fleur, mineral water from natural hot springs, is fround near the top of a pristine mountain in Phop Phra. Mont Fleur water rises from deep within the earth, traveling up to mineral rich capillaries. The higher elevation of the source ensures a gradual and complete infusion of vital mineral. This gives Mont Fleur its superior mineral content and unique quality, recommeded for daily drinking.

In Thailand, The SAHA Group Saha Pathanapibul PCL is big shareholder which under the named Tipwarin Wattana Co., Ltd.

Why we won?
Linx has provided an innovative SureFill™ system to avoid the risk of refilling the Linx 7300 with incorrect inks or solvent, which can lead to expensive call-outs and repairs.

Coding errors are also reduced as the Linx 7300 incorporates QuickSwitch software, which allows fast and easy code changes by scanning the barcodes on products being coded, or scanning barcodes on pre-printed job sheets.

The customer factory is far away from Bangkok so they need the realibility printer, Linx is matching their requirment and especailly low running cost that they are agreed.

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