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Dosimaq product range

Automatic packaging machines with rotary system

DOSIMAQ’s automatic rotary system packaging machines are versatile models designed for the packaging of different density liquid products and pastes, granulated and solid  products and are specially designed for the dairy industry. These machiens are produced fo fulfill each specific requirement in terms of product density, pack to be used and volumes according to production needs. They have a rotary system available with 8 workstations to fill the pack, to un-pile and position the lid, to seal or fasten the lid and to mark or code the pack. The accurate technical development of the rotary system allows the packaging machines to reach a speed of 30 cycles/minute, avoiding product pouring. The easy change of the tool set allows packing different products in different pack formats in less time, Thanks to their mechcanical, pneumatic and electronic performance, these machines offer precise, reliable working. The PLC and sensors report to hte user the state of the production process, detecting the lack of packs, product, lids or the accumulation of packs at the end of the machine.

Dosimaq packing

EVG 1500
The EVG 1500 automatic packaging machine is specially designed to pack liquid products or pastes in ceramic and glass packs with  aluminium lids using a fasterner system. The EVG 1500 is ideal for automatic production rates up to 1,800 packs/hours.
• Packaging feed unit.
• 2 meters by 80 mm diameter conveyor chain.
• Filling unit for liquid products and pastes with adjustable volume from 50 cc to 500 cc with anti-dripping system.
• Sucking system for automatic product feed.
• Fastener system to seal the lid to the packaging.
• Independent electrical and pneumatic panels.
• Electrical panel including PLC and electronic speed regulator.
• Electrical panel equipped with a maintenance group composed of water drainage, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, security valve with progressive start and automatic emergency stop.
• Stainless steel basae equipped with a cleaning water collector and a rotary mechanical system.

EVS 1500
Automatic packaging machine for product rates up to 1,800 packs/hour. The EVS 1500 is equipped with a group of 8 pack lodgings to fill 1 pack/cycle. Filling units adjustable according to production requirements.

EVS 2500
Automatic packaging machine for production rates up to 3,500 packs/hour. Equipped with a group of 8 pack lodgings to fill 2 packs/cycle. Adjustable filling unit according to production requirements.

EVS 5500
Automatic packaging machine for production rates up to 6000 packs/hour. Equipped with a group of 8 pack lodgings to fill 4 packs/cycle. Filling unit with 4 volumetric adjustable pistons according to producton volumes.

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