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icon Clock  23/4/2014

The confectionery industry

A report by Mintel for the years 2011/12 described the confectionery industry as one of the few food and drink related sectors that was ‘recession proof’. Annual growth at this point had remained relatively steady at 5% for the preceding years, and according to EuroMonitor it seems that the industry is set to continue on this trend. 

You might think that with the increasing popularity of healthy diets and food that the confectionery sector would see a drop in sales. However, many have tackled this challenge from consumers very well; data from Mars showing that bitesize confectionery has grown by 40% over the last four years. 

With this confidence in the industry, it’s no wonder that many have decided to start up their own confectionery businesses.

The confectionery startup coding conundrum

It can be difficult for those starting out in the industry to make the investment in coding and marking machines, the immediate benefits not being clear.

The artisan fudge brand as featured in March’s Confectionery Production magazine displays the concerns of smaller confectionery manufacturers well. Simon Knott, the man behind the brand, seeks ‘measured growth’ as he hopes to maintain the quality of the product and its handmade nature whilst also recognising the need for more production capacity.

This is sure to be the case across many smaller businesses, who may feel that the very nature of their niche brand is being lost through the use of more standardised coding technology. However, if they are to grow and meet the exacting standards of the industry it is something that they need to do.

Making coding affordable

Many confectionery start-ups may not want to invest in a brand new coder, seeking a more affordable solution to their own coding conundrum. Therefore, coding brands such as Linx can help to deliver affordable leasing solutions to ensure they can quickly ramp up production without any capital outlay.

Not only is leasing more affordable due to not having to buy a machine outright, it also covers the company taking on the machine for any future maintenance. Linx also offers a fully serviced product when leasing their coding machines for confectionery businesses and more. This means that they have coding and marking technology to meet their needs today and tomorrow.

Coding technology has a big part to play in any growing confectionery business. Why not get in touch with Linx today to find out how we can help?


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