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As speed and hygiene play important roles in the food industry Bandall has developed banding machines which are specially designed for this sector.

Bundling and branding in the food industry
In Bandall banding offers the food industry a unique and versatile innovation. Thanks to our patented banding system a band is consistently placed in exactly the right position around your product. And simultaneous printing of a barcode, date or serial number is also possible.

Specialist in ‘clean’ packaging

Bandall’s successful “Branding by Banding” concept can enhance your packaging or product and help increase product awareness in-store. Banding also provides sufficient space for nutritional information and country of origin details, whilst your product remains visible where required. All equipment is fitted with the unique Ultra Clean Seal (UCS) system. Perfect for environments where factors such as hygiene, temperature, humidity levels or dust may play a role.
• Equipped always with Ultra Clean Seal (UCS)
• Patented feed system
• Available in stainless steel
• Swift, hygienic and efficient
• Ideal for labels, bundles, promotional packaging and Shelf Ready and Retail Ready Packaging
• Please also take a look at HIRE opportunities for trial periods or product promotions


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