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With the same ease, Bandall banding equipment bundles brochures, periodicals, business cards and boxes. Swift, environmentally friendly and free from damage.

Guaranteed 100% accurate and damage-free bundling
Graphic and printing companies discovered the value of Bandall banding quite some time ago. Particularly due to damage-free and safe bundling on offer. For example, labels, banknotes or folded carton. And with the same ease, Bandall bundles brochures, periodicals, business cards and boxes. In the meantime there have been a great many innovations in the systems used in the graphics industry. And every year countless tailor-made solutions are created. From stand-alone machines to systems which are fully integrated into production processes.

Finished?......Not without Bandall banding

Every Bandall banding system can be easily used in combination with other finishing techniques. So the (portable) machines can be easily relocated to the folding machine, the saddle stitcher or the cutting machine. And in numerous label printers there are many systems integrated alongside cutting machines to transfer stacks of plano labels and to band them fully automatically. In the cardboard industry too grateful use is made of the many Bandall capabilities. Large packages of printed cardboard are bundled damage-free and efficiently using a press with printed or plain banding.


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