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Laundry and Textiles

Bundling and banding in the textile and laundry industries.

Personalise neatly bundled stacks of laundry for hotels, wellness centres and health care institutions?  Create tidy bundles of textiles and linen using a pre printed or plain band?  Bandall’s banding solutions offer all this and more!  Stacks of textile products in varying sizes and heights can be banded fully automatically, firmly and damage-free.


Bandall banding equipment loaded with stacks of laundry and textiles will manually or fully automatically wrap around singular or multiple bands.  Pre printed with your logo or company information.  And with optional simultaneous printing of details such as delivery address, article description, bar codes, etc.  Precisely positioned, fast and environmentally friendly.

Benefits for the textile and laundry industries?

• Quick and efficient bundling of stacks of laundry and textiles with strips of paper or plastic film
• Automatic detection of stack height
• Automatically select one or more bands per product
• Easily combined with additional print technology for bar codes, personalised banding or other variable information
• Environmentally friendly
• Enormous savings in packaging materials and packaging processes, for example versus shrink wrapping


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