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I2VS – DIR’s new Thermal Imaging machines.

Bob Hartwig, North American representative for DIR Technologies, will deliver an in-depth presentation named, ‘A Revolution in Package Integrity Testing: The Advantages of Thermal Imaging Inspection/Detection on High Speed Pharmaceutical Production Lines,’ on the company’s package sealing inspection technology during Pharma Expo that will take place from 2 to 5 November at McCormick Place Convention Centre in Chicago. DIR Technologies is a provider of premium packaging inspection and product authentication solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Hartwig’s lecture will discuss the new inspection system’s employment as the first of its kind in packaging to utilize thermal imaging, an infrared science allowing packages to be thoroughly examined without physical contact or visible illumination.
Thermal imaging has the potential to bring a paradigm change to in-line quality control by replacing sporadic, destructive package sampling with continuous, non-invasive process verification. Thermal imaging offers real-time testing of 100% of the products on a line, real-time process monitoring, full records (including photos) for every product, and very high throughput with no production slowdown, all in an entirely non-destructive, non-interfering fashion.
The I2VS (Induction Integrity Verification System) is among DIR Technologies’ first machines employing thermal imaging. The I2VS tests in-line the integrity of aluminium foil sealing on induction-sealed bottles. It is the first system capable of inspecting 100% of bottles undergoing induction sealing, without resulting in production slowdown and providing continuous process verification.

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