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Snack Food

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Which ink jet coder is being used?
Linx TT3

Intermittent mode  - up to 55 products/min, 12 hours/day

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Key Product Benefits

Linx TT3
Intuitive CLARiTY™ 5.7 inch color touchscreen makes set-ups fast and easy with fewer errors
• Ribbon cassette ensures replacement is fast and easy, compared to having to thread ribbon through the coder
• Variable date and time fields are automatically updated eliminating the time and effort spent changing stamps

TT3 Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Initially, shrimp chips or crackers made by Manora were manually mixed, cooked, dried with sunshine, fried in a wok (Chinese deep frying pan) and then packed by semi-automatic packaging systems. The present whole production line was invested with Thai Baht 150 million in total to replace the old manual systems and increase production efficiency. The new system contains many automatic machines and other advanced technologies from developed countries such as, Germany, Japan, America and etc. However, we still maintain traditional ingredients and recipes with special touches and tastes. The closed-production system can ensure the cleanliness and generates quality and constant products which made “Manora” become popular to these days. Each year the company wins the applause from many domestic and overseas clients visiting the plants.

Manora is very pleased to supply pellets to any clients. We feel honorable to give technological supports, frying and packaging, without any royalty fees. This system has been doing well in Bangladesh, China, and India. Manora products have been known to the local and overseas markets for more than 42 years. We set up the first plant in Songkhla in 1965 before expanding the second plant in Bangkok in 1976. The third and the most modernize snack plant was established with Thai Baht 200 million inside Samutsakorn Industrial Estate in Samutsakorn in 1996. We have been accredited as one of the leading and high international standard manufacturers in Thailand.

Why we won?
We were in regular communication wiht the customer throughout the sales process, and were quick to responsd to a request for a demo. PT Asia’s recognised expertise in TTO systems integration, plus service team also. The features of the Linx TT3 that were appreciated by the customer were the easy to thread ribbon cassette and  the simple touch screen interface. The more robust design offerred by the Linx TT3 printer and High resolution 300dpi printhead for optimum legibility of even the smallest characters. For this application, We are installing the TT3 printers with FUJI vertical packing machines.

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