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Pfizer Global Supply to conduct trial of thermal imaging system


DIR Technologies (www.dir-technologies.com) announced that Pfizer Global Supply will perform a three-month trial of the company’s packaging integrity testing systems based on thermal imaging. DIR technologies will install a 100% inspection system for exploration of the technology, to potentially replace destructive seal integrity testing across a number of packaging operations to evaluated speed, accuracy, and cost.

Previous "Proof of Concept" work in Pfizer facilities has demonsgtrated the capabilities of thermal imaging systems to potentially enhance the inspection of different packaging operations, particularly sealing and capping of bottles and some sterile pouch-sealing operations.

Steve Hammond, Sr.Director of the Process Analyical Sciences Group at Pfizer, explains the company’s interest in this new technolory. "Pfizer Global Supply has a logn history of deploying new technologies as part of continuous improvement of manufacturing effectiveness programs in support of overall quality. The deployment of thermal imaging technology has the potential to inspect 100 perfent of some packages at normal machine throughput, enabling detection of almost all defects and ensuring the patient only receives a well protected, while also facilititating the optimization of these operations. The technology to measure many of the key parameters of many package-sealing processes has not previously existed."
- JIM Butshli

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