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Transactional Mail

Applications: Input collation control, missing/duplicate/double stuff detection, sequence verification, database comparison, ADF integration, piece level tracking, TransPromo envelope printing, card/carrier matching, integrity reporting

Equipment: Mail inserters, self mailers, booklet makers, plastic card attachers

Transactional mail applications require:
• Ability to ensure privacy of protected information.
• Ability to ensure all items in a print file are processed without missing or duplicate pieces.
• Comprehensive reporting to prove production integrity.
• Image archiving to save camera images of processed pieces.
• Ability to provide multiple simultaneous capabilities such as collation control, comparison to a data file, image archiving and integrity reporting at high production speeds.
• ADF and piece level reporting across a wide range of production processes and types of equipment.

Production and fulfillment of statements, invoices, credit cards and election services documents require verification systems to identify errors and prove production integrity with absolute results.  Document processors are concerned with more than customer retention as privacy and integrity errors can have serious liability implications.  Lake Image Systems’ comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities allow our customers to identify errors as they occur and prove the integrity of the final product.  Since transactional production typically occurs during peak production cycles, Lake Image System’s extended mean time between failure and immediate remote support ensure verification uptime when most needed by our clients. 


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