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Plastic Cards

Applications: Card/Carrier Matching, phone/loyalty card verification, missing/duplicate piece detection, scratch off verification, pin number legibility, pin & account number reporting, sorting/batching, ANSI/ISO bar-code grading, database integrity reporting 

Equipment: Card attachers, narrow web presses, feeders, affixers, inkjet bases, card transports, sheet fed presses 

Plastic Card Applications Require:
• Reading technologies which can read embossed characters and cards with lower contrast background.
• Ability to read lower resolution single nozzle inkjet printing often associated with pin numbers.
• Ability to integrate magnetic stripe reading information into matching and integrity software tools and reports.
• Scratch off panel verification tools which can be used simultaneous with reading and data integrity tools.
• High speed reading as phone and loyalty card applications often run at speeds in excess of 60,000 cards per hour.
• Integrity reporting to prove production integrity and provide reports of which cards were processed with which backers/carriers and which pin numbers are assigned to which card numbers.

Lake Image Systems first installation (1994) was plastic card and carrier matching for a loyalty card program.  Our expertise of plastic card integrity verification not only applies to discreet cards but can be applied to sheets and print webs to verify multiple-up cards across.  Experts at camera technologies and lighting, Lake Image Systems provides industry best read rates of hard to read cards including full text reading of alpha-numeric characters such as names.


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