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Applications: ANSI/ISO Bar-code grading, base stock verification, date/lot code verification, ePedigree tracking, Track & Trace reporting, print quality defect detection, piece level tracking

Equipment: Narrow web presses, sheet fed presses, folders, converting equipment, packaging lines

Pharmaceutical processing spreads across many market segments and processes such as: packaging, label production, printing and bindery. Yet many of these applications require similar functionality.

Pharmaceutical processing requires: 
• Bar-Code grading to ensure linear bar-codes, 2D codes, GS-1 codes and data matrix codes comply to guaranteed contract specifications.
• Base stock verification to ensure correct package inserts/pamphlets are being utilized for correct jobs.
• Detailed print quality inspection to identify minute print quality defects associated with ingredients, dosage and utilization directions.
• Comprehensive audit trail reporting for all pieces processed.
• “Track & Trace” capabilities for applications such as ePedigree where life sciences products must be tracked throughout the product lifecycle.

Discovery’s standard verification, quality control and reporting tools can easily be applied to packaging, printing and bindery applications.  Since Lake Image Systems’ communication and reporting structure is based on industry standard protocols, our Discovery suite can easily communicate with the production management associated with a pharmaceutical products next phase of lifecycle or the production tracking architecture within a converting or packaging facility.


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