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Sachet Full Monitoring

What is it?

DIR’s SFM is the first in industry 100% in-line inspection system that provides: 1. Full monitoring of sachet sealing integrity and 2. Content monitoring of fill levels including identifying an empty or incorrectly filled sachet. The SFM offers a quantum leap from sampling to monitoring every single sachet, enabling issues to be discovered and fixed in real time. The SFM is non-intrusive and does not result in production slowdown.

How does it work?

The SFM combines thermal imaging and sophisticated analysis algorithms to provide real time integrity inspection of every single sachet on the packaging line – at the speed of the machine throughput. Inspection is “hands off”, non-invasive and non-destructive. Nothing is projected at the sachet; the SFM reads and analyzes the inherent heat signature of the sachet seal itself (which is amplified directly after heat sealing). The SFM can monitor most sachet laminates and most contents: powder, gel, liquids, cream etc. Sachet line length or width is not an SFM limitation. The SFM can be acquired as an integrated option in Mediseal sachet machines.

Why do I need SFM?

• Quality assurance of sachet sealing – 100% inspection
• Content monitoring of fill levels
• Stop leaking sachets before they go to market
• Protect product shelf life, avoid potential contamination
• Discover and fix potential problems in real time
• Fast – no slow-down of the packaging line
• Designed for simplicity – sophisticated technology engineered to minimize human error, easy GUI, simple user interface
• Non-interfering, non-degrading inspection – integrity analysis is “hands off”, no contact with the sachet
• ROI – cuts costs inherent in sampling methods, minimizes waste (time, work-backs, materials and labor)
• Reports enable statistical process control of the sachet sealing process
• Brand integrity – assurance that brand standards are upheld on the packaging line

Induction Integrity Verification System



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