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Linx Printing Technologies has launched the Linx 8900, a next generation CIJ (continuous ink jet) printer that provides the highest levels of ease of use and helps to maximise efficiencies during production, delivering valuable cost and time savings.

Capable of printing both human and machine-readable codes, the Linx 8900 incorporates a wealth of new features that speed up day-to-day operation and maintenance, combined with the renowned Linx reliability that ensures continual performance and minimal downtime.  In addition, the printer offers even greater versatility thanks to the introduction of a range of special reporting functions, which enable companies to identify ways to improve productivity.

The new printer’s large high resolution touch screen ensures simple and error-free operation.  It can store multiple line settings for fast and easy setup in different coding locations and the top screen is customisable to provide quick access to regularly used functions.  Individual operator passwords give access to certain functions as required, and customisable on-screen message editing prompts ensure accurate inputting.

For easy production monitoring, the touch screen also includes a unique screen saver mode which provides a simple visual status check, with current output statistics shown in green or red to indicate whether throughput is on target or not.

This is part of a range of reporting features that provide at-a-glance real-time data, which also includes downtime information and batch counts, and this can be easily transferred to a USB for the compilation of reports.

This means operators can identify patterns or reasons for any line stoppages, allowing them to quickly implement changes, solutions or countermeasures to improve efficiency and productivity.

The Linx 8900’s handy Self-Service Wizard guides operators through the process for an engineer-free service that minimises downtime.  Only filters and used fluids are changed regularly, reducing cost and waste.

The printer’s reliable operation maximises uptime.  Linx’s industry-leading sealed printhead can function in even the harshest factory conditions and typically only needs to be cleaned every three months.   Linx’s proven autoflush system thoroughly cleans the printhead every time the printer is shut down and this ensures a fast and clean start-up when it is next required.  For extended shutdowns, an automated cleaning feature, activated by the simple press of a button, means the Linx 8900 is cleaned and ready for immediate use even after three months out of operation.

A temperature auto-adjust function maintains code quality at different temperature ranges on the production line.  The IP55 rated stainless steel enclosure is suitable for washdown environments.

An eight hour fluid refill warning system allows refills to be more easily planned into production schedules, and the automatic fluid checking system ensures that the correct ink and solvent are in place.   To avoid mistakes and minimise the number of refills, the size and shape of the ink and solvent cartridges are different, with the one litre solvent cartridge being twice the size of the ink cartridge to allow longer running between refills.  A one-touch door operation provides fast and simple fluid replacements, with cartridges that simply click into place with no other adjustment required.

The new printer features a smaller footprint that allows it to be installed into smaller factory spaces, as well as wall mount options.  It also offers the flexibility to be used for both primary and secondary coding, including a 20mm high carton printing option.

“Our Voice of Customer research confirms that CIJ users want ease of use and reliable printing that maximises output and minimises errors,” explains Charles Randon, senior product manager at Linx Printing Technologies.

“The new Linx 8900 addresses all these requirements with a number of important enhancements; and at the same time we have taken the opportunity to further extend the capabilities of the printer to include valuable reporting functions.  The result is a coder that ticks all the boxes for easy operation, reliability and efficiency and takes CIJ technology to a new level.”

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