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Benefit From Maximum Efficiency With The New Linx 8900 CIJ Coder

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Complex processes, line stoppage and manual reporting cost businesses time and money. With the innovative new Linx 8900 printer, businesses can benefit from maximised line efficiency, reduced errors and wastage, and reliable operation in all environments, while gaining access to powerful new tools to help you improve your operation.

Maximise line efficiency

The Linx 8900 has been designed to make your production line more efficient thanks to some new innovations. As with all Linx printers, the Linx 8900 has been designed with minimal maintenance and cleaning in mind, with the industry-leading Linx printhead typically only requiring cleaning once every three months.

On top of this, the Linx 8900 features an innovative new line stoppage reporting system, helping you to identify reasons causing the line to stop. Manual line stoppage reporting is now a thing of the past. Logs can be downloaded for reporting purposes, and as a result you’re able to minimise downtime by quickly identifying patterns in production and applying countermeasures or solutions which improve productivity. In addition, the Linx 8900 includes real-time reporting, which offers at-a-glance information about batch counts, line speed and output rates on the large touch screen.

Ease of use

Linx printers are well known for their easy-to-use interfaces, and the Linx 8900 is no exception. The unit’s colour touchscreen is the largest we’ve ever put into one of our coders, with an interface that’s specially designed for quick message selection and setup. 

The customisable interface allows the user to place their most used functions at the top screen of the touchscreen interface, instead of scrolling through hierarchies of menus to reach a buried feature. The interface is also designed with the operator in mind when it comes to message entry. Message field prompts helpfully remind the user to enter important data in their codes, reducing errors and time.

Furthermore, the built-in screensaver displays critical data at a glance, with a prominent green or red output status, letting you know when production is on schedule or behind – helping you to ensure you meet your targets. 

Suitable for companies of all sizes

The Linx 8900 is suitable for companies of all sizes, not just because of its levels of customisation, but also down to its reliability. The rugged IP55 steel enclosure ensures reliable operation in wash-down environments, while the Temperature Auto Adjust function ensures code quality is maintained, no matter the temperature range on your production line.

Self-service maintenance ensures less downtime, while the Auto FlushAutoflush system means greatly reduced manual printhead cleaning, less solvent waste and less maintenance, giving you quick, clean starts every time – a feature that production lines of all sizes can benefit from.

Furthermore, an innovative automated cleaning system means that the Linx 8900 can be started up first time - even if the unit is left unused for 3 months – without complicated manual draining, cleaning or set up procedures. All this is available at the press of a button, and is ideal for smaller users who shut down their line over the holidays.

Maximum efficiency at your fingertips

The Linx 8900 is more than just a coder, thanks to new innovations which ensure simple operation, reliability and efficiency. With unprecedented reliability, the Linx 8900 helps you to build a leaner production line, cutting costs associated with line stoppage time, coding errors and wastage, and giving you the line stoppage data you need to make informed improvements to your processes. The result is that production line operation, reliability and efficiency just got easier.

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Linx 8900’s technical specifications here, or contact us for a free quote.

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