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About DIR Technologies

DIR Technologies was born from the idea of utilizing high-end infra-red technology dynamically, with focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Premium infra-red imaging or thermography is commonly used in the defense industry for night-vision, “smart” missiles and rockets etc.

DIR’s founders Eran Sinbar and Yoav Weinstein envisioned leveraging superior, battlefield proven technology to make the world a safer place. The pharmaceutical industry has a direct and deep impact on health and safety. Ironically, despite strict quality assurance guidelines and regulations, severely outdated inspection methods still permeate the pharmaceutical industry – making it ripe for the change DIR Technologies offers.

Dynamic solutions
DIR Technologies has developed first-in-industry thermography based inspection solutions for pharmaceutical quality assurance and process control.
The company introduced its first solutions in 2013 in the form of inspection and analysis systems for primary pharmaceutical packaging. DIR solutions offer a quantum leap from  commonly used methods of sampling by providing 100% in-line, non-intrusive inspection that does not result in production slowdown.

DIR’s Induction Integrity Verification System, or the I2VS draws on proprietary, patent pending technology to inspect the integrity of induction sealed bottles. The I2VS monitors the induction process itself, providing insight on its stability and empowering the operator with the ability to detect and amend issues in real-time.

The I2VS checks 100% of packages without reducing line speeds. Thermal imaging not only allows inspection to be done through the closed cap without damaging or degrading the product, but also allows for the collection of precision data regarding overall process quality.  The unit’s sophisticated algorithms enable swift, in-line analysis of data, an immediate accept/reject of bottles and, when a faulty bottle is detected, an indication of why the problem occurred.

Similarly the SFM, DIR’s Sachet Full Monitoring system, draws on thermal imaging to monitor sachet sealing integrity and content levels. The SFM can monitor most laminated sachets and most contents: powder, gel, liquids, cream etc. Sachet line length or width is not an SFM limitation.

Primary packaging sealing integrity is critical in ensuring product viability and shelf life. Leaking sachets that previously went undiscovered can now be stopped before they reach the market. Contamination can be prevented, protecting the health and safety of end users. DIR provides unprecedented insight on the sealing process of both induction sealed bottles and sachets, putting previously unattainable options and control in the hands of line managers.

Dynamic people
The DIR team was assembled with excellence in mind – each member was carefully chosen, not only for expertise, in his or her own field but also for dynamic personalities and collective synergy. Innovation and daring to think differently combined with deep professional knowledge is what sets the DIR team apart.
The team includes some of the premier thermography oriented minds in the world. Originally, most of DIR’s top executives served in key positions at SemiConductor Devices SCD, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced infrared sensors – providing DIR with a solid technological basis and the ability to transition infra-red applications to the pharmaceutical world.

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