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DataLase case coder

Case Coder

DataLase® is a fully integrated coding and marking solution that offers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to self-adhesive labels and traditional variable data printing techniques.

With DataLase® case coding solutions you can print high resolution graphics, multi-sized text, variable information and bar codes in black ink directly on corrugated cases using a CO2 laser. The process is suitable for any box type as the coating can be applied to virtually any substrate including Kraft, test and coated liner stocks. DataLase® also provides a unique solution for applying variable information to cases coated with protective laminates, varnishes or waxes as the laser light passes through the protective layer to print the dark black image without any disruption or damage to the substrate.


1. The DataLase® material is applied in the required dimension to the area to be coded with variable data.
2. High-Speed lase coding of DataLase®.
3. Finished case with high-quality variable information printed as an integral part of the packaging.

The DataLase® solution offers a number of benefits over traditional techniques including:
1. Enables late-stage customisation eliminating the need for expensive reprints and separate print runs
2. Reduces Stock Keeping Units and waste of unused labels
3. Eliminates consumables from the production line
4. Utilises highly reliable CO2  laser, increasing uptime
5. Produces high-contrast, high-quality, durable codes
6. Allows codes to be printed under protective laminates, waxes or varnishes
7. Provides lower total cost of ownership and rapid return on investment

Usage and Specifications 
Substrates: DataLase® enables marking of virtually any substrate, including Kraft, test and coated liners
Coatings: DataLase® can be formulated into a broad range of coating vehicles including water-based, solvent-based and UV curable. Recommended formulations are available on request 
Printing: DataLase® coatings can be applied by all conventional printing processes, including flexography, gravure and lithography 
Marking speed: Up to 100 cases per minute (application dependent) 
Marking field: Up to 400mm x 250mm 
Marking formats: Standard industrial fonts 
Machine readable codes: OCR, 2D data matrix codes, QR codes, bar codes, graphics, logos and symbols; sequential & batch numbering, automatic date, time, shift coding, real-time clock 
Recommended laser systems: Macsa K-1030 SHS

The unique combination of DataLase® materials with laser technology enables high-speed in-line coding solutions that exceed the quality of traditional printing techniques.

DataLase® materials can be applied as a coating or incorporated directly into the substrate. Exposure to a low power CO2 laser light on the production line generates a colour-change prints the required information by generating an irreversible colour change in the pigment. The result is a high definition, premium quality print finish.

The DataLase® solution can be used for a range of integration methods and opens up a wealth of opportunities for printing in application areas that have been considered impossible or proven problematic using traditional techniques.
The DataLase® solution delivers efficient solutions that are easy to incorporate into existing production lines and produce enhanced results:

Easy -
• Lasers can be easily incorporated into the production line and are low maintenance
• Enables virtually any substrate to be laser coded
• Produces in-line variable print that seamlessly integrates with existing product/packaging design
• Ability to customise variable text, graphics and images at any time enabling late stage product differentiation

- Efficient -
• Improved operational efficiency and productivity
• Reduces SKUs of packaging and labels: reduced operating costs and waste
• Removes need for additional consumables on the production line
• More reliable and higher speed operation
- Enhanced - 
• Enhanced marketing capabilities
• Produces high-contrast, high-quality, durable print
• Enables printing beneath protective coatings or laminates
• Improved product identification and anti-counterfeiting


DataLase Ltd is the leading provider of materials for laser coding and marking of 
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