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Enercon Head Adjustment
Before operating your induction sealer please familiarize yourself with these setup
instructions. Proper alignment is critical to guarantee optimal uptime and production speed.

Align the power supply and sealing
head over the conveyor with the
sealing head in the 20-38mm position.

Ensure the product runs centered
along the entire length of the sealing
head. (Use a gap gauge to create
the proper air gap between the
product and the Enercon induction
sealer (0.125” or 3 mm).
Measure the inner diameter of the
cap to select the proper position to
pivot the sealing head. (Refer to chart
for pivot ranges)
Loosen the knobs on both sides of the
sealing head, pivot the sealing head
to the correct position and tighten.
The All-in-One sealing head has four
different pivot points to seal caps
ranging from 20-120mm.

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