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The Collamat NG 50 and NG 100 label dispenser are the ultimate answer to demands for flexibility, in present and future labeling jobs. Unique design, state of the art integrated control and communication facilities, high end components in castet aluminium. The NG Series breaks with the traditionally labelling heads and introduces the most complete and flexible labeling unit on the market. Demands for quality labeling will be best fulfilled with the Collamat NG series. The possibilities of an upgradable modular concept, make the Collamat NG a safe investment in turbulent times. You will get a unit that is suitable for simple promotional labeling as well as for most complex integrations into a production line or a packaging machine.


Up to 400 mm label rolls

Gives longer run time and less operator time ! With 80 % more labels on a 400 mm roll compared to a 300 mm roll and the advanced “end of label” warning system the Collamat NG needs less operator attention.


 The NG takes the 400 mm rolls even for up to 250 mm width label rolls.

Due to the very light and stable housing in casted aluminum, optimized by finite element method, the Collamat NG copes with roll weights up to 35 Kg

  Flexible operator interface

An intuitive operator interface as easy to operate as the Collamat potentiometer version, but with all the facilities of a modern “man machine” interface including:
• Password levels protection
• Configurable screen information
• Error handling, flexible alarm setting with three options for action in case of alarm (ignore, alarm signal, or production stop)
• Statistical functions, counter etc.
• External mounting of display possible
• Communication over Ethernet possible

Self teaching label scanning
Place the roll, thread the web and start labeling! No additional adjustments necessary. The optical label scanner will find the gap between the labels automatically and adjust the reading for every single label during the labeling. This gives a perfect operator free labeling even for labels of bad quality, of odd shapes, or where the difference between label and web is minimal.

With the height and position adjustment of the scanner, thick labels like Piggyback, Pocket labels etc, will be no problem either.

Plug and play for optional equipment: 

• Ethernet connection 
• External operator panel
• Goods scanner
• RS 232
• Incremental encoder
• Non-Stop mode


All can easily be plugged into the front of the labeler

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