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Digital Printing

Applications: Print quality inspection, ANSI/ISO bar-code grading, data integrity verification, missing/duplicate piece detection, front/back web matching, base stock verification.

Equipment: Digital printers, cut sheet printers, continuous printers, inkjet printers, offset printers, rewinders, and label presses.

The combination of print quality inspection and data integrity verification are paramount in today’s printing environment.  Printing organizations typically run several types of processes and applications and therefore, require the flexibility to utilize comprehensive inspection capabilities from one solution.

Printing inspection applications require:
• Streak/void, hickey, blemish and broken character detection
• ANSI/ISO bar-code grading to ensure  2D codes and linear barcodes meet customer specifications and are readable on downstream equipment.
• Ability to ensure correct stock has been loaded into correct drawer (cut sheet digital printers).
• Front/back web matching.
• Ability to image an entire web or sheet with a single camera to enable quick job set-up and changeover.
• Ultra high speed inspection to enable every page and piece to be verified, real-time at production speeds.

Lake Image Systems are leaders at integrating comprehensive print integrity solutions which combine detailed print quality inspection, data integrity verification and production reporting at production speeds.  Knowledgeable across a broad range of printing devices, our integration expertise expands across digital, offset, cut sheet, continuous, narrow web, wide web and inkjet technologies.


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