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With more than 3,700 coding, marking, barcode, label applicator, filling, packing and sealing systems installed in THAILAND market.  Our range is includes systems across a wide range of technologies. To select the most appropriate technology to suit our customers.

An excellent customer service reputation, together with a reputation for reliability that sets standards in the industry, rounds off the PT Asia offering and provides customers with efficient and economical solutions of the high quality.


Satisfying customers in THAILAND  for 13 years
Our 3,500 customers benefit from our many years of experience in the field, with our successful business model of continuous improvement. Our technical and service associates specialize in providing individual advice and finding the most efficient and practical solution to every requirement. PT Asia extends its expertise to customers in the food, beverage, chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, aerospace, military, automotive, and other industrial markets.

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Collamat NG labellers Collamat is Launching the new COLLAMAT NG labellers The Collamat NG 50/NG 100 label dispenser are the ultimate answer to demands for flexibility, in present and future labeling jobs. Unique design, state of the art integrated control and communication facilities, high end components in castet aluminium. The NG Series breaks with the traditionally labelling heads and most complete and flexible labeling unit on the market.
Godex barcode printer (dual-color)

Godex Dual-Color Printing Solution Godex is pleased to announce a creative solution that enables you to print two colors on a single label simultaneously. With the Godex Dual-Color printing system, you can print two color thermal transfer labels “on demand” simply and economically. Two EZPi1200 printers are placed in line. Printer #1 prints the first color and then the labels are fed directly into the back of printer #2. Printer #2 then ...

 CJ400 Virtual Tour Linx Printing Technologies

CJ400 Virtual Tour Linx Printing Technologies The Linx CJ400 prints up to 3 lines of information, such as text, dates, and logos from 1.8mm – 8.8mm high. Codes can be changed quickly, without lengthy set up procedures. The optional carton coding message style prints one line, 20mm high, making the Linx CJ400 suitable for both primary and secondary coding where human-readable codes are required.


V-1000 is a friction feeder The Streamfeeder V-1000 is the result of extensive research throughout the mailing industry to define what mailing service companies in the industry desire most in a continuous feeder for applications such as ink jet printing, tabbing, and labeling. The research has yielded a no-frills product that feeds a wide variety of materials with exceptional alignment qualities.

Micron HSAsystems TIJ Ink Jet Printer

A revolution in high resolution printing HSAJET® Micron printer is a controller that is ideal for integration on various production lines where a low cost solution is required. The Micron printer controller enables 1/2" printing in 300 DPI at 76 m/min or 150 DPI at 152 m/min. The Micron has a built-in sensor. If an external sensor or encoder is required they can be connected directly to the printer.

Packway Auto Sealer

PW-551TB Auto Carton Sealing Machine PACKWAY Auto Carton Sealing Machine PW-551TB (Top and Bottom Belt Drive) is new tapping head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight and in position for consistent sealing of every carton, This design is superior to previous blower devices. Flexible cushion prevents box been jammed under the top tapping head.

TECO S.r.l. Tray Forming Machine Italy

TECO S.r.l. Tray Forming Machine TECO S.r.l. a company manufacturing machines for cardboard packaging, with a family management was founded on January 1995 and is the result of the experiences acquired in the field of packaging machines. The Company derives in fact from CARTECO, erecting centre for corrugated board packaging operating since 1989. The first tray formers were designed and realized for the erecting centre itself; the successful...

JusteRite Self-Inking Stamp for coding and marking business

JUSTRITE Self-Inking Stamp Justrite is number one self-inking stamp for coding and marking by manual stamp. We having more than 10 sizes available now such as M31, M42, M52 and M94. Seff-Inking Stamps have the ink pad built-in for fast and easy marking. Rocker stamps made of wood or even more durable aluminum are recommeded for large imprint areas. Justrite Ink Pad made from wooden fabric...

United RIBtype USA

UNITED RIBTYPE the quality and service difference  JustriteRIBtype® is compatible with Base-Lock®, Grip-Line®, and Sta-Tite® brands of ribbed rubber type previously manufactured in the U.S.A. Metric RIBtype® is compatible with Telos®, Posta® and Tiflex® brands made in Europe. In the RIBtype® system, ribs on the back of the type interlock with ribs on the marking device. This allows for fast changes of text, which is ideal for date...

Armor Thermal Trasnfer Ribbon wax, wax-resin, resin

ARMOR’s thee families of thermal transfer ribbons RESIN high resistance and durability WAX/RESIN Performance and varsaility WAX economy and quality, A comprehensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons constantly updated to suit your current and future automatic identification applications and exceed market expectations. A comprehensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons constantly updated to suit your current...

LINX 7900 TAKE CONTROL of your coding and marking, wherever you are. Take more control of your production line with Linx Insight®. This remote web interface allows you to monitor your Linx 7900 from a smart phone, plus download or upload messages from a PC. And Linx Insight is included with the printer at no extra cost. All you need is internet access on your PC or smart phone, and an ethernet connection to the printer.

Enercon Induction Cap Sealing Machine

INDUCTION SEALERS & CAP SEALING PRODUCTs to help you achieve a perfect seal. Enercon manufactures induction cap sealers which are recognized around the world for providing tamper evidence, preventing leaks and preserving freshness with hermetic seals for packagers of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty products, chemicals & petroleum packages.

AirZero Vacuum Sealer

AIRZERO VACUUM SEALER do vacuum-pack directly the inside of packing envelope by using a nozzle stroke. So, the work is completed very quickly. AIRZERO VACUUM SEALER has more special merits such as Packing process control both by vacuum degree and time, Digital indicator of vacuum degree, Separate control 1st and 2nd vacuum degree, LCD/ LED Indicator showing the operation and condition of machine.

MiniKey TIJ Thailand

MiniKey printer based upon HP TIJ 2.5 technology - The HSAJET® MiniKey is based upon reliable HP TIJ2.5 technology which offers consistent, high quality, fast printing. The printer’s user-interface is so easy to use, that it requires very little or no training. The MiniKey is a very low-cost printer, yet powerful with all necessary functions available. Print at breakthrough speeds of up to 300 m/min (984 ft/min) in 300 x 150 dpi.

tube sealer

ULTRASONIC TUBE SEALER and Trimmer - We offer machines with a vast array of capabilities and speeds from semi-automatic thru high-speed fully automatic equipment. The machine is suitable for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry, the machine has two process, sealing and trimming, which is suitable for sealing of plastic tubes, with Unilateral coding, MCU control, human-machine operation.

FeedRanger friction feeder

FEEDRANGER is Uniting the brands you know trust  - We offer systems ideal for handling a wide range of product types and sizes, while flexible enough to work with multiple applications within the printing and packaging industries. Our systems are easy to operate, ideal for off-line, short- to medium-sized runs and integrate simply with a wide range of readers, labelers and ink jet printers.

Multipurpose mail tables for in- and off-line applications - The HSA multipurpose mail table ensures a precise and reliable transport of envelopes, magazines, paper, cardboard and other stock. The mail table is equipped with 5 vacuum sections each individually controlled. The divided vacuum system makes it possible to feed stock of all shapes and sizes, including very long pieces that remain unfixed until the alignment is correct.

UFC success story

SUCCESS STORY for UFC, known as UNIVERSAL FOOD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED - 79 days from Installation. Printhead did not require cleaning till date. Clock is Ticking & barriers are raised every day. Highly efficient Coding Solutions for Canning Industry. Linx Inkjet Printer Model 4900 is used for printing 2 Line alpha-numeric code on Tetra-Brick with a throughput speed of 100 Tetra Bricks/minute.

General Ink - JAPAN

IQ9493 BLACK Heatless Ink II - IQ9493 Heatless Ink II can print on semi-porous substrates as well as non-porous materials. No need for a heater to day an ink because this ink a quick-drying ink, a heater is not required, and it is now possible to print on non-porous materials even with small printers unable to be fitted with heaters. Excellent light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance. Higly reliable HP manufacturered cartridges.

Linx CLARiNET Linx CLARiNET® – Package Coding Network Control Software TheLinx CLARiNET® is a network setup and control software for managing multiple coders in a factory environment. With an increasing demand for more information to be printed onto primary and secondary packaging, the potential for human error will increase, resulting in a need for error-free coding. Intuitive easy-to-use Windows? interface and WYSIWYG print preview.
Super Seal MAX Enercon Super SealTM MAX Induction Cap Sealer – The all new Super Seal Max induction cap sealer creates a hermetic seal that prevents leaks, preserves freshness and preserves shelf life at performance levels never before possible. Enercon’s engineers have designed this sealer to deliver up to twenty percent more sealing capacity than its predecessor- making it the ideal choice for high speed packaging lines and challenging applications.
Belt Converyor Belt Conveyor for DATE printer – Belt Conveyor System are designed for conveying food products, precision components & a variety of other light weight goods. We are designed for DATE coder such as CIJ continuouse inkjet printer, TIJ thermal inket printer, CO2 laser coder, TTO thermal transfer overprinter and Justrite self-inking stamp. PT Asia is dedicated in helping our customers, offering quality conveyor products.
Hefestus Hefestus, Masters of Freshness – Understanding the writing on the wall, Hefestus provides state of the art solutions in the field of meat, pasta, powders, deserts, ready meals, seafood, dairy products, baked goods, fruits & vegetables, salads, spreads & dips, dried nuts & fruits, fresh cuts and pomegranates. Our technology allows all food producers to pack an endless variety of products with MAP and no mechanical vacuum.
PandA LabelPack PandA® LabelPack - is an exhaustive range of solutions to print barcodes and variable data on automatic labels to be then automatically applied on the product to identify. PandA?  is the ideal solution to be integrated on automatic packaging equipment, packaging and packing end lines, handling and automatic palletization systems. Efficiency and flexibility of PandA?  machines are guaranteed by integrating industrial thermal printer.
Linx 7900E CIJ Printer Linx 7900E – complete coding solution for the electronics industry - Linx Printing Technologies has introduced a new ink to meet the specific coding requirements of the electronics industry.  At the same time the company is launching a dedicated version of its market-leading Linx 7900 continuous ink jet printer, the Linx 7900E, to offer electronics manufacturers and suppliers a complete printer and ink solution tailored to the needs of the market.
Imanpack Packing Solutions Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A. - Imanpack established itself in the world of packaging with the introduction of its first small horizontal form fill and seal machine, the Micropac. Today the company with over 30 employees and two active branches in the world offers a complete line of automatic packaging equipment to meet the needs of any industry such as food, non-food, medical, hardware and technical products.
5900 Linx CIJ printer Linx 5900 CIJ 3 line coding and IP55 rating - Upgrade to faster line speeds and advanced message control as your coding needs change. The Linx 5900 continuous ink jet printer is designed to provide consistently reliable coding, together with the lowest-in-class maintenance costs. The Linx 5900 CIJ printer can also be upgraded with additional features to further enhance production line integration and message control - as and when you need it.
Print and Verify HSAJet HSAJET® Print & Verify system the demands of the pharmaceutical industry - The following pictures show the Print & Verify system being used for box printing. The system below have been built into hardware integrated by HSA OEM partners, the system pictured over page is built by HSA to a customer specfication end to end process. Complete solution comprise printer, cameras, central machine control with print & verification...
Pharmaceutical Coding and Marking by HSAJet Pharmaceutical Coding and Marking at Sriprasit Pharmaceutical from HSAJET® Inks & Printers and HP SPS - When the pharmaceuticals company in Thailand name Sriprasit Pharmaceutical wanted a solution that it could implement worldwide for coding, marking and printing data matrices on its product packaging, it evaluated a range of solutions. The new solution had to meet a number of demanding criteria for print quality...
Dosimag filling and capping solutions Dosimaq, S.L. focuses its activity to manufacture filling and packaging machinery for food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors - The production of packaging machinery started up in 1989 thanks to the technical expansion of the company, which was based on a solid experience in manufacturing metal pieces of high precision. This large tradition in manufacturing pieces allows Dosimaq, S.L. to offer a precise and reliable...
Enercon Super Seal® Max and Super Seal® - The Induction Cap SealersMore, Operators will enjoy the simplicity, Engineers will enjoy the productivity, Managers will enjoy the connectivity and Your proudcts will be sealed Enercon safe. More productivity, easier setup and more control and up to 20% more sealing power for many applications. All new cap inspection system, Internal Intelligence, Control Options and that’s not all.    
DIR Technologies DIR Technologies - is a leading developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical quality assurance applications in a variety of non-contact tests, such as the identification of counterfeit drugs through the original package, and rigorous quality assurance techniques for the fabrication and packaging processes of the pharmaceutical industry. The company is taking advantage of advanced IR Imaging technology.
HSA Systems prints Pi to a million decimal places on one sheet of paper - HSA Systems played a major part in assisting video journalist Brady Haran celebrate a million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Numberphile. Printing out a the mathematical constant Pi to one million decimal places on a single length of paper sounded a crazy idea, then to roll it out along a runway on a wet October day seemed an impossible task.

STAND UP POUCHES what are the benefits for packagers? coding and marking solutions by Linx - One of the fastest growing trends in packaging is the stand-up pouch, which has seen significant growth over the last five years in a number of key markets around the world. There are a number of reasons for the growth, including perceived benefits for consumers, but what are the benefits for packagers and manufacturers?

DataLase Ltd is the leading provider of materials for laser coding and marking of products and packaging. - DataLase® is a fully integrated coding and marking solution that offers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to self-adhesive labels and traditional variable data printing techniques.DataLase® proprietary technology can be used on outercase, product and primary packaging to print date and lot codes...
Lake Image Systems is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of imaging and scanning technologies for the worlds printing, labelling and mailing industries. By reading and processing the variable data now commonplace on many printed items our systems inspect, verify, track and report on millions of documents, printed pieces, plastic cards and packages daily using codes such as OCR, 2D codes, Postal Barcodes and many more.

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